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This plugin shows a 3-D view of swarms. It currently works on Windows computers running at least Azureus You may access it through the Plugins menu. It is only available for Windows. It requires OpenGL.


  • Might not work on ATI graphics cards
  • Check "About Azureus": if your SWT version is lower than 3200, please unzip SWT in your Azureus installation folder.

Use the plugin installation wizard available from the Plugins menu: Choose "list from Sourceforge" and select 3D View. Once installed, the plugin will be accessible through the same Plugins menu.

The installation wizard should create a directory that looks like this:

Please check the OpenGL faq if the setup is correct but you do not see this:


  • Left-click: Rotate vertically and horizontally
  • Right-click: Move closer or away
  • Double-click: Change rotation speed
  • If you keep zooming in or out with Right-click the 3D image will flip upside down and reverse the Y-axis control.

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