Anonymous file sharing with Tor and I2P

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There are various strategies for running BitTorrent trackers and clients with varying levels of anonymity. Currently two approaches are documented, those of using the Tor IP anonymizer and the I2P anonymizer. Both the "public" Tor and I2P networks are still experimental and resource limited.

Anonymity comes at a price, don't expect to download very fast using these networks!

Please DO NOT use Tor for routing peer-to-peer data traffic, it can not handle the bandwidth. They have indicated that they will make efforts to ban such usage if it continues, which will likely affect both legitimate and unwanted use!


Running with The Onion Router (Tor).


Since Vuze 5301 there is a second I2P plugin that requires no manual installation of I2P, instead I2P is bundled with the plugin and requires no configuration for use (it can also be configured to use an existing I2P installation if desired)

Read the Azureus FAQ