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If you have received the error message "Vuze did not shutdown tidily" after you intentionally turned your computer off, you might read the article about possible reasons for that message.

The current article is more focused on the case, where Vuze disappears in the middle of your computer session.

If you find that Vuze keeps crashing, it may be because something is wrong with Vuze, or something external is making it crash. Look at the suggestions below first to see if any of the below applications are causing Vuze to crash. Otherwise, you can search and post in the forum (attaching the debug logs will also be useful).

Known Causes[edit]

  • Embedded web browser bugs triggered by html content within Vuze. One thing to try is disabling adverts within Vuze by doing the following
  • Open the options dialog via the Tools menu 'Options...' item
  • Click on the 'Plugins' entry in the tree on the left to show the plugin list on the right
  • Locate the 'Promo View' line and uncheck the 'Load at Startup' box:
  • Restart Vuze
  • Outdated old Java version. Update your java to the current version (Java 7 update 40 also referred to as 1.7.0_40 or OpenJDK 7u40, as of September 2013). Please note that Sun Java 6.x is no longer supported by Sun/Oracle. An update to Java 7 (or higher, when available) is recommended.
  • Internet Explorer 5, 6 or 7. Old versions may not be fully compatible with current Vuze features. Use WindowsUpdate to update to Internet Explorer 8 or to the recently released Internet Explorer 9.
  • Note: Please note that in Windows environment Vuze uses Internet Explorer components to display the search results and other web-like content despite the browser that you use for normal web browsing. So, even if you use Firefox or Chrome for surfing the web, Internet Explorer plays a role inside Vuze.
  • Additional note: Also check your Internet Explorer's "proxy settings". There have been reports that some viruses have changed the IE proxy settings (in "Internet Options" of Windows) and that might also explain why some content is not shown.
  • AxShlex.dll : Alcohol 120%
    Latest: Java 1.6.0 Update 4 solved this issue (and many others it seems) - please update to the latest Java 7 from
    Note: Alcohol 120% is especially troublesome in combination with Java 1.6.0 Update 1. There are several ways to fix the issue:
    • rename/delete AxShlex.dll that it doesn't get loaded (alcohol itself will continue to work)
    • don't download torrents that contain files which are associated with alcohol 120%, such as .MDS files
    • remove all ?Shell Extensions" within the Alcohol settings panel by going to (File > Options > Virtual Drive > Shell Extensions subitem), then click on 'Remove All'.
    • uninstall Alcohol 120%
    • downgrade to a previous java version (NOT recommended due to security issues, plus this might not work in all cases)
    • run Vuze with the flag -Xcheck:jni - this traps the native floating point error causing the crash but has performance overheads
  • BfLLR.dll : Bigfoot Killer LSP (see Killer Gaming website)
  • D3DIM700.DLL : Microsoft DirectX 3D - upgrade to latest Java (see Java bug 6275887). Also update Microsoft DirectX components.
  • Flash.ocx : Adobe Flash player, which is used for displaying Vuze media browsing experienece through embedded IE components. Update Flash player and check through WindowsUpdate that your browser (IE?) is fully updated.
  • FPServiceProvider.dll : FoxyProxy Video Add-on
  • ForceInterfaceLSP.dll : HMA! Pro VPN. See forum discussion:
  • gapsp.dll : Juniper Networks Neoteris client
  • HMIPCore.dll : HideMyIP
  • iFW_Xfilter.dll: iolo Firewall
  • imon.dll : configure NOD32 firewall properly
  • InjHook12.dll : Torrent Ratio Keeper (http://www.torrentratiokeeper.c0m)
  • jvm.dll or ntdll.dll: raise the issue with Sun ( )
  • Linux systems may require Xulrunner components to be installed separately with Firefox 4. See this article.
  • mclsp.dll : McAfee - uninstall the privacy service
  • mshtml.dll: part of Microsoft IE (in your Windows), which Vuze uses for displaying web content. Check that IE is properly updated.
  • MxAVLsp.dll : VCom Fix-It Utilities
  • netdog.dll : Armor2net personal firewall
  • niphk.dll: you might have to uninstall Norman Anti-virus completely.
  • nl_lsp.dll : NetLimiter - uninstall
  • nvappfilter.dll: please uninstall the NVIDIA Firewall and/or make Vuze run with only one cpu.
    • (To make Vuze run only on one cpu, open the Task Manager (press ctrl-alt-del) and select the Processes tab. Right-click azureus.exe and click set affinity. Then uncheck all but one of the cpus (it shouldn't matter which). Click ok.)
  • nvLsp.dll : NVIDIA nTune / ForceWare
  • radhslib.dll : Naomi internet filter from Radiant
  • sarah.dll : FRITZ! Application Layer Firewall
  • SBLSP.dll : SPEEDBit Video Accelerator
  • SDHook32.dll : Spybot - search & destroy
  • Sendori.dll : See
  • urlmon.dll: part of Microsoft IE (in your Windows), which Vuze uses for displaying web content. Check that IE is properly updated.
  • vlsp.dll : Venturi firewall or V-ONE SmartPass software (or possibly also Nvidia Network Access Manager)
  • Winsflt.dll : PureSight Internet Content Filter
Note for developers: The .dlls listed here don't necessarily cause the crashes, they're just indicators for the presence of problematic applications.

SWT Browser Issues[edit]

With the update a number of Windows users have been experiencing Vuze crashes (particularly on startup) that can be traced back the browser used to display web-based views in the client. On Windows this is always Internet Explorer (regardless of what you may have configured within Windows itself as your default browser).

Logic was added at version to analyse crash dumps for evidence of them being caused by an internal browser error. If so then use of the internal browser within Vuze is automatically disabled. Normally you would join the Beta_Program to install the latest updates but if Vuze crashes on startup you won't be able to do this - please manually install the update from

Once on the latest beta Vuze should automatically disable the internal browser and hopefully run successfully. If not please try manually disabling the browser by creating some Configuration Presets. You will need to enter the following into the presets file:


To re-enable the internal browser when Vuze is running do the following:

  • Ensure your user 'Mode' is set to 'Advanced': Tools->Options->Mode
  • Go to Tools->Options->Interface->Display, look for the 'Internal Browser' section towards the bottom and deselect the 'disable internal browser' checkbox.
No restart is required for this to take affect for new views (restart required to reset existing ones)

Debug Procedure[edit]

If you want to file a bug report please include the hs_err_pid<nnn>.log file.
  1. Check hs_err_pid<nnn>.log files, these may be in the Vuze program directory or in %user%\local\temp. These files are created by java system as java crash logs. It is possible that it will help you identifying the cause of the crash.
    The key part is looking for the java/DLL call stack thread leading to the crash. There should be something like:
    JRE version: 6.0_15-b03
    Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (14.1-b02 mixed mode, sharing windows-x86 )
    Problematic frame:
    C Flash.ocx+0x54377
    In the example's case the crash is caused by Adobe Flash player (used for displaying Vuze media browsing experienece through embedded IE components.)
  2. Identify the failing DLL. Consider removing the problematic application to see if that would help.

See Submit_Debug