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I have been using Vuse for quite a long time. On one computer alone I have downloaded well over 100 GB of torrent data. For some computers that would mean a disk filling up. So I bought a new disk. I right clicked my Azureus Downloads folder, copy and pasted into my newly formatted E:\ hard disk. I went away and did something for a couple of hours and came back when all the files were copied. And deleted the original C:\ drive Azureus folder(). I opened Vuse and changed the default directory to the new E:\ drive folder. It seemed to be downloading a lot of the files, which had already been completed downloading long ago, without checking the E:\ drive so I turned the download speed to 1kb max and started checking the torrent details, were they pointing to the E:\ drive? They weren't so I checked around a bit on the wiki and the forum. I tried File>Open Torrent and opened the whole folder. 22 of the torrents then showed up as completed but the rest still wanted to start downloading from the beginning and most of them to the old C:\ drive Azureus Downloads folder so I disabled my internet connection because it looked like files which had been checking up to say 50% before starting to download were thinking that they had 50% downloaded although out of all these torrents onlt three were incomplete downloads before I moved the files. I have been forcing rechecks, right clicking and selecting Move Data files. This that and the other but the end result is that a bunch of my files I moved to the E:\ drive have been overwritten with incomplete files and if I want to use Vuse again it is going to rewrite every single one of them like that to redownload the whole bunch, 120Gb in hundreds of torrents. That is not counting the ones it didn't even move yet and wans to download fresh into the C:\ drive folder (probably the only ones it hasn't tried to destroy the completed data on at this stage). It's nobodys fault but the end result is that if you fit a new hard drive and try to tell Vuse that your files are now in that location, it will delete everything and start dowloading it all again. It is unlikely that I can fix my files now but before any problem I did think that I could move the files and that Vuse would be able to verify them in their new location and know that they were the same files. A lot of the files are still ok but that will not be the case when I let Vuse download again. I guess that I can only go through the whole bunch one at a time to see which files are intact and delete their torrents from the Vuse directory so that it cannot overwrite with an incomplete file but that will prevent those files from being on the share list not to mention the list of complete files which it has already overwritten on me. Aside from this I have had no problem with many many uses of Vuse except ones so minor that I can't even remember them so I am a happy camper but please add a simple way to cope with moving fully completed files from one disk to another without self destructing. All best, Irish Vuse user.