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Chromecast support in Vuze client[edit]

If the video is of a supported Chromecast video format you can stream your content from Vuze. You will need a Chrome browser with the Chromecast extension installed.

1) In the files view in Vuze, right click and select "Media Server"->"Copy Local Stream URI to Clipboard". If you are using an older version of Vuze, you will need to "Copy Stream URI to Clipboard", and then change the in the URL to your local ip address (usually starts with 192.168).

2) Go to a site that lets you send URLs to your Chromecast, such as

3) Paste in your URL, select your Chromecast, etc, and watch the video.

Chromecast support in Vuze Leap[edit]

Not supported at this time

Chromecast support in Vuze for Android[edit]

Vuze for Android has Chromecast support built in

Chromecast support in Vuze Remote for Android[edit]

Download a Chromecast player such as VEGA Cast, BubbleUPnP, AllCast. Then, the in the Files tab of Vuze Remote, select a video, and click the View icon (the eyeball). Choose Chromecast player you just installed.