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How to get NOD32 to work with Azureus

The newest version of NOD32 has no conflicts when combined with the latest Java (1.5.0_04). You just need to exclude the Javaw.exe/Azureus.exe file in java from the IMON (Internet MONitoring) in NOD32. Sounds easy right? Well, when there are 3 Javaw.exe files in Java you'll suddenly have a problem. This is a simple step by step guide on how to do it with some handy pictures.

Step one[edit]

First off make sure Azureus is closed. Now open the NOD32 Control Center from either the Start Menu (See picture 1) or the System Tray (See picture 2) button.

Nod32 01.png

Picture 1

The Start Menu icon.

Nod32 02.png

Picture 2

The System Tray icon.

Step two[edit]

In NOD32 Control Center click IMON under Resident modules and filters. In the window that appeared to the right click Setup. If you password-protected your settings, you'll be asked to enter the password.

When that's done, click Miscellaneous in the menu at the top of the new window. On the Miscellaneous page you'll see a field named Exclusions (See picture 3) with an "Edit" button. Click the Edit button.

Nod32 03.png

Picture 3

Click the "Edit" button.

Step three[edit]

A new window opens with four buttons at the bottom. Click the Add button. Now you'll have to find the right Javaw.exe file and add it to exclusions. The files default search path is: "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_04\jre\bin\" and the filename is Javaw.exe. Also add Azureus.exe - C:\Program Files\Azureus\Azureus.exe

1. The "\jre1.5.0_04\" part of the search path may vary depending on what version you got installed.
2. If you installed Java in a custom directory this search path won't help you of course.

When you're done adding the file you should see the files search path in the list of exclusions. (See picture 4)

Nod32 04.png

Picture 4

You should see this search path in the list.

Read the Azureus FAQ