Daemonized Azureus

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Please note this guide is intended for *nix operating systems with an installed perl interpreter.

If you want to run Azureus as a daemon (under a POSIX compliant system) and not through a screen session you have to detach it from the current shell. This can be performed with a little perlscript.

First you have to setup Azureus to run without a GUI. See Console UI for a howto.

Probably you'll want to run Azureus with the WebUI, thus you have to install and configure it first.

Finally create an executable (+x) azureusd.pl file containing the following code:


use POSIX 'setsid';
open STDIN, "/dev/null";
open STDOUT,">/dev/null";
open STDERR,">/dev/null";
exit if fork > 0;
exec("java -jar Azureus2.jar --ui=console");

Place this file in Azureus' binary directory and execute it.

The same can be done simply by running Azureus like this:

nohup java -jar Azureus2.jar --ui=console >/dev/null 2>&1 </dev/null &


setsid java -jar Azureus2.jar --ui=console >/dev/null 2>&1 </dev/null