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What are the minimum system requirements for using Vuze Plus?[edit]

Some features of Vuze Plus have different minimum system requirements, however, in general, the minimim system requirements for using Vuze Plus features are:

  • On Macs:
    • Intel Mac with OS X 10.5 or newer
  • On Windows PCs:
    • A Monitor

Does Vuze or Vuze Plus work on PowerPC Macs?[edit]

While some features of Vuze Plus will work on PowerPC Macs, we do not officially support this platform anymore. Downloading via the bittorrent protocol should work without too many problems, but features such as Devices, HD Player, and DVD Burn will not work, and other features may work, but not without significant performance issues.

Does Vuze application work on Android?[edit]

While the main Vuze Client can not itself run under Android, you *can* use any Android device to remotely control your downloads, as well as convert and watch any content downloaded in Vuze on your Android device.