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[edit] Description

Remote HTML/Javascript interface to control Azureus.

Install and use through: http://yourComputerAddress:6886/

[edit] Author

Parg & Gouss

[edit] Homepage

[edit] Downloads

Latest Stable v0.6.0
Latest Beta v0.6.2

[edit] Version Notes

  • 0.1.0 CVS - Sep 19th, 2005
    • Needs Azureus2.3.0.5_B26 !!
    • Default download dir must be configured

[edit] Features

  • Start and stop torrents
  • Move torrents in the queue
  • Create/Assign/Change categories
  • Remove torrent, delete torrent, data or both
  • Sort columns
  • Change parameters:
    • max download/upload speeds
    • max connections per torrent
    • max active/max downloads
  • Upload local torrent/url
  • If Azureus tracker enabled:
    • Publish/Host torrents
    • Remove torrent from tracker
    • Access to the tracker page

[edit] Tips for command line

To set a username and a password:

 set Plugin.azhtmlwebui.User myusername
 set Plugin.azhtmlwebui.Password mypassword password
 set "Plugin.azhtmlwebui.Password Enable" true boolean