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If you need to provide a screenshot about your problem, this is what you need to do. It's easy, this is an example for making a screenshot of Azureus with:

  1. First, make absolutely sure you closed all torrent tabs (if you opened any)! Only "My Torrents", "IRC" (if you use that) and "Statistics" should be visible. (Why? Read the IRC rules please.)

Making the screen capture
You should save the captured image in .PNG format, as that keeps the image in better condition than e.g. JPG, which compresses the image destructively.
  • To be able to do it quickly and to be able to send it as a PNG without too much trouble get a freeware program like DonationCoder's Screenshot Captor and read the instructions on that page on how to do it.
  • Most versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 include built-in "Snipping Tool", which removes the need for 3rd-party tools.
  • Alternatively, if you already have software like Painshop Pro, GIMP, Photoshop or a number of other image manipulations packages, you can simply press the PRINT SCREEN key on your keyboard. This is often located beside your Scroll Lock and Pause Break keys, near the numeric keypad. Then, paste this image from the clipbard into your paint package and save the resulting file as a JPEG or PNG and upload as dictated above.
    • Alt-PrintScreen will actually caputure only the current window, not the whole desktop. (in Windows)
Sending the image
  • Then use to send the image. After uploading, scroll that page down and copy the Direct link to image URL, it will look like this, depending on the name of the image you uploaded:
  • Altervatively, if you are asking help in the Vuze Forums, you can also attach the image to your messaeg there.

Read the Azureus FAQ