Installing On Devices

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  • Install Java

Some systems have a utility in the Utilities section of the Package Manager called 'JavaManager' - this can be used to install Java on the system

For others (e.g. DS212J) you can use - open Package Manager, navigate to 'Settings' and select 'Package Sources'. Add as a site and navigate back to the Package Manager - you will see a 'Community' section that contains 'Java' - install this.

  • Create somewhere to install Vuze (e.g. /home/vuze/)

You might want to specify some additional options to make Vuze store config data and downloads somewhere by default, for example

-Duser.dir=/home/vuze -Dazureus.config.path=/home/vuze

  • Install optional plugins

You might want to install the 'Vuze Web Remote' plugin to give remote access - create a directory called /home/vuze/plugins/xmwebui. Grab the xmwebui_<version>.zip file from and unzip it in the plugins/xmwebui directory.

From 5001_B20 onwards (see for the latest core .jar files) the console UI supports commands to install plugins - the above installation can be achieved via

plugin install xmwebui

you will probably also want to install the uTP plugin

plugin install azutp

Run Vuze and browse to http://<synology_ip>:9091/