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Instant Messaging Notifications 1.0.1

Copyright(c) 2006 Chris Rose and AIMedia.
(GPL, blah blah...)


This plugin grew out of my frustration with headless Azureus instances, and never knowing when they were finished downloading torrents. This plugin will send you an instant message when a torrent starts, finishes, etc…


The plugin doesn’t ship configured to work with your IM service out of the box, obviously, so it won’t do too much until you enter your password and username into the Jabber Notifications plugin page in the Plugins section of the Azureus configuration dialog.

At that point, you’ll receive the notifications you’d expect from the UI. Note that not all notifications are fully supported at this time.

Security Notice

The password is stored in plain text in the configuration, regrettably — I need to pass it through to the chat service, and I don’t know any safer way to do that. At some point I’ll allow the option of storing it in some simple hashed way, or to enter it on startup.


It currently only supports google talk for notifications.

Not all notifications are implemented.


The plugin has a page at for comments and bug reports.


Direct download link:

Version History

  • 1.0
    • Initial Release
  • 1.0.1
    • Fixed up the UI, some
    • Fixed some potential null pointer exceptions in the shutdown sequence


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