Likely faulty socket selector

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Why am I getting "Likely faulty socket selector detected: reverting to safe-mode socket selection" alerts?[edit]

This is not an error you can fix. It indicates a problem with the Java networking API under your current installation. Azureus will now use a workaround to avoid the problem in the future, so you should see the message only once.

Azureus users might encounter this problem, depending on your PC configurations. Some users seem to get this alert after Windows hibernates. To avoid the problem, install the latest CVS build.

Also see Likely network disconnect reconnect

Note: Switching to safe mode is a permanent setting. To disable it (i.e., due to hardware or software changes), remove ONLY the following string from the azureus.config file: 37:network.tcp.enable_safe_selector_modei1e. Otherwise, the config file may be damaged!

Read the Azureus FAQ