Mandrake Linux 10.x AMD64 Bits

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Thanks to Gudy tip I was able to have Azureus masterpiece working with Mandrake Linux 10.x AMD64 bits, probably will work with other AMD64 Linux distributions.

  1. Install MDK10 64 bits
  2. In the installation make sure to have the package of Java JRE, if not, install later via "Control Center > Software M. > Install" (if you use another Linux distribution and if it doesn't have the JRE package, try installing the one in for AMD64)
  3. Download Azureus software
  4. Put Azureus wherever you want, /<your_address>/azureus
  5. Then go to and on downloads area choose a mirror, and then choose Release 3.0 on the first options for download "Latest Releases" (3.0 is really a small link, pay attention)
  6. Then, inside, you go to the "SWT Binary and Source" place and choose the link for downloading "Linux (AMD 64/GTK 2)", NOTICE the area of "SWT Binary and Source", since you will see lots of downloads for something that have to do with "Linux (AMD 64/GTK 2)"... the file will be something like, where xxx is the version.
  7. After downloading unzip it to inside the folder of azureus you created in 4.,unzip the files that will look like,,,,, swt.jar, swt-mozilla.jar, swt-pi.jar where xxx is the version. Only do this if you see the SWT files are the same ones with the same names so you will be overwritting the old ones with the new ones.(if your not shure about the files to copy just put them all inside the azureus folder, it won't be a problem)
  8. Run /<youraddress>/azureus/azureus or inside /<youraddress>/azureus run ./azureus and that's all

Note: In 5. it was choosen the version 3.0 because at this moment Azureus uses this version, when you unzip the new SWT files you got in 5., 6. make sure they have the same names of the ones in your Azureus folder. Probably you will need in newer versions others like the SWT version 3.0.1... It will depend of what you have inside Azureus folder... just notice you have to unzip the new SWT files and make an overwrite and not an append on the azureus folder (note the files mentioned on 7. like just check if this xxx is the same in the SWT zip file and the ones that are inside your azureus folder), so if the names are different you won't be doing an overwrite, which means you're not doing the right way.