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The first configuration section visible from Tools->Options (or Preferences on OSX) is the 'Mode' section. The aim of this is to control which features are visible/available to users based on their experience with Vuze in an attempt to avoid confusion as people learn about the client.


The Mode setting controls

  • the visibility of options within the configuration view
  • context menu entries
  • sidebar entries
  • column availability in tables etc (although within the table column setup dialog it is possible to view higher-proficiency columns by changing the filter options)
  • some plugins also use the Mode to control the visibility of plugin features

The sections below give an indication of the kinds of features available at each level and are far from exhaustive lists!


A good starting point for new users to learning about the client and become familiar with the torrent downloading process.


This level is for users wanting to move beyond basic downloading and explore features such as

  • running a tracker
  • access to 'force start', 'pause' and 'resume' for downloads
  • file allocation mechanisms
  • more automatic tagging of downloads
  • tag specific share ratios and upload management
  • controls for Java memory usage


All features are available in this mode, for example

  • advanced network settings such as MTU and TOS
  • non-strict file locking controls
  • proxy settings
  • editing trackers and specifying peers sources when adding torrents