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What to do if your network connection keeps dying[edit]

Azureus (and BitTorrent clients in general) place a great deal of stress on the networking system - particularly network card drivers, and router/modem firmware - which can cause them (and/or the OS) to crash or lock up under load. I would suggest looking to see if there are newer drivers/firmware available for your hardware, or replace the buggy things completely.

However, there are a few things you can try to help alleviate the problem:

  • Limit the Maximum number of connections per torrent in Options > Transfer to 40 or less, as well as limit Maximum number of connections globally to 100 or less.
  • Reduce the Max simultaneous outbound connection attempts rate to 3-4 in the Options > Connection > Advanced network settings.
  • Disable DHT (Tools->Options->Plugins->Distributed DB)

Additional note: As a general rule, a lot of home-routers can only handle a total number of 255 connections open at any one time. Thus, if you have many machines running on one network, your router will quite likely occasionally either lock up / crash or randomly dump connections it decides it can't handle (depending on how well the firmware is written). Your only solution really is the above: reduce the number of possible connections (unless you can afford to shell out on an expensive corporate router that is!)

If it's your router that is dying and not your network card have a look at the bad routers page.

Note: If you are running Zone Alarm (version 5 in particular), you might try disabling or uninstalling it and rebooting. Many users have reported problems with ZA breaking BitTorrent clients.

Read the Azureus FAQ