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Notifications are available via the Sidebar in the Vuze UI - they are under the 'VUZE' heading so this may need to be expanded to reveal the entry. Originally they were designed to allow messages to be sent to all users from a central repository (for example, information about a new Vuze version; details of a content bundle) but they have recently been re-purposed to also allow the communication of local events - some of these are listed below.

Global Notifications[edit]

These are sent to all users and have previously been used to inform user about competitions, content bundles, new Vuze versions and surveys.

Local Notifications[edit]

Local notifications are specific to the installation of Vuze and are used to inform users about local events. Currently these can be generated when:

  • A subscription relating to a Decentralized Website is found to be related to content you have downloaded
  • New results are available for a Subscription that has notifications enabled
  • A download is added to/removed from a Tag that has notifications enabled
  • An unread message is available in a Chat that has notifications enabled

Plugin Bar[edit]

Since Vuze version 5741 the Plugin Bar contains a 'Notifications' view that shows the most recent unviewed notification. Clicking it will switch to the notifications views, this is therefore a convenient way to be able to monitor notifications.


Under the Alerts configuration section here is the option to play a sound when a new notification is added.