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Why is downloaded/total size not equal to completion percentage (done)?


Total size
Size of the data to download.
Size of the data already downloaded.
Percentage of the data verified and written to disk (whole pieces).


Vuze downloads piece by piece, and multiple pieces at a time, so at a given moment, more has been downloaded than has been verified, so you will always have a "done" percentage less than the downloaded vs. total size percentage.

If Vuze happens to crash ( very rare ;) ) the data downloaded will be counted but all the unfinished pieces will have to be re-downloaded on restart and that will again amplify the difference between the two.



  • 8MB file made of two 4MB pieces.
  • You have downloaded one piece completely and have 2MB out of the second piece.


  • You have downloaded and verified one whole 4MB piece, out of 8MB to download, so your "done" percentage is 50%.
  • But you have actually downloaded 6MB out of 8MB so you are 75% complete. But we don't include that in the "done" count because we don't know if the piece will pass the validation.