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In this page, I'd like to people to add their suggestions for plugins to be developed for Vuze (taken into consideration).

My suggestion: A plugin that will halt all torrents if it detects that PeerBlock is not running / is disabled.

Duplicate Detection[edit]

My Suggestion (if you even ever check this anymore): a plugin that keeps track of what torrents you have (completly) downloaded so it can tell you if you are attempting to download a torrent again. I download ALOT of anime (from the same website), to the point that i cant remember if i have already downloaded one series or not and if vuze would say "you have previouly downloaded this torrent. would you like to download it again?" it'd be nice... That way i wouldnt have to keep OLD torrents in a stopped state in my library (I'm talking thousands).

Comment: Better if you directed this to as an idea as although this is checked it isn't really the best place for requests. How about using 'archived' downloads (better than keeping them in a stopped state?) - logic could be added to check against these when adding a new torrent and a suitable message shown?