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Starting from version there is a 'quick view' feature that gives you access to information contained in a download before the download completes. This can be useful for several reasons

  • The download may have a ".txt" or ".nfo" file (for example) bundled with it that gives information on the download, you may want to check this out to ensure that what you are downloading is what you expect.
  • The download may be an archive file, for example in ".rar" format. Usually archives contain multiple files, but normally you won't know what files until the archive is fully downloaded. Archives are occasionally used for valid reasons - for example, to compress the contents to shrink the download size (although they often aren't actually necessary given that torrents can contain multiple files anyway and, if they contain movies/audio, then additional compression is largely ineffective). Often though the archive format is used to hide the fact that the contents aren't what is expected - they may contain password protected files or require you to install other software to access the file contents.

'Quick View' currently supports previews for .txt and .nfo files (you can configure further extensions if desired too if they are just plain text files). It also supports the listing of ".rar" archive file contents and detects when particular files are password protected.

It works by prioritizing the parts of the download that contain the files or metadata in question, working in the background and popping up a dialog box once the details are known.

Activating Quick View[edit]

In the various Library views there is a right-click menu option available


This shows you the list of compatible files available for Quick View - there will be a check-mark against files already active.

In the detailed Files view, or at a file level when a multi-file torrent is expanded in a Library view, there is a right-click menu option:


For .rar files the dialog showing the file's contents will incrementally be populated as information becomes available. Password protected entries, and file names including the word 'Password', will be indicated: