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  • The RSS Feed Scanner is an automatic RSS feed parser which is highly configurable and allows unnattended operation via its advanced filtering capabilities. It supports multiple feed URLs, each of which can be individually or globally configured. The filter strings can be easily edited via the graphical configuration tool, and each filter can also support targeting of specific episodes within a series of the same titles (for example in downloading episodes of shows). The download history of torrents is maintained so that the specific torrents are only downloaded once, even if you shutdown and restart. This plugin also has full help included in the interface, so you can start using the plugin without any prior knowledge needed.


  • Ken and Martyn Allan (1.1)
  • Johan Frank


  • The homepage has disappeared!


Latest Stable| v1.3.5|

Version Notes[edit]

1.3.5: 26/06/08: Belated release of signed version.
1.3.4: 09/12/06: Fix 1.3.3 for Java 1.4 users.
1.3.3: 06/12/06: Reduced thread usage, prioritize torrent file guessing.
1.3.2: 06/10/03: Fixes console UI bug.
1.3.1: 06/09/22: Fixes timer and display bug.
1.3.0: 06/09/17: Fixes scroll bug.
1.2.9: 06/09/11: Proper version display. Updated plugin api.
1.2.8: Fix for invalid regular expression causing feed loading to fail. Support for self-signed ssl certificates.
1.2.6: Improvements, see Changelog.
1.2.5: Minor fixes and improvements.
1.2.4: More fixes, see Changelog.
1.2.3: Fixes and Improvements.
1.2.2: ETag and Last-Modified HTTP headers now used. And more (read changelog.txt).
1.2.1: Fixes compatibility with previous versions.
1.2: Johan Frank has taken over the plugin development. Fixes and improvements.! Configuration file is NOT compatible with 1.1, you will need to re-enter feeds and filters! Use 1.2.1! Requires Java version 5.0 (also known as 1.5).
1.1: initial version.

User Comments[edit]

(please add your comments, tips, tricks, suggestions, reviews, and etc. here)

  • Suggestion: Can the feed be modified to scan the torrent file for unwanted extensions? I've been seeing a lot of fake torrents ending in .wmv, but the file is hidden inside a folder to make it appear legitimate. It would be nice to regex the feed scanner to look for the extension and filter it out.
  • Tip/Trick: I have been looking for good RSS feeds for Azureus, but unfortunately some RSS feeds do not supply a direct download link. However, I found some Perl scripts that allow you to use such feeds with RSSFeed. For the scripts and instructions, go to
  • Tip/Trick: Some sites specify the transport protocol to be "feed:" rather than the required "http:". Just edit the URL as you paste it in to change it.
  • Suggestion: The + / - buttons to insert feeds and filters were hidden behind the details panel (MacOS). The scroll bar should have given this away but i didnt expect controls to be at the end of a set of data fields. Maybe move the controls off the ends of those data fields and put them on a border to the details panel ? hillman 16:45, 12 April 2006 (GMT)
  • Suggestion: How about some kind of display next to the TV Series specification of 'Series' and 'Episode' indicating where the counter is up to now (part of smart history). So, for example, if all goes well - having set up S02E01 as my start point there would be a piece of text next to it saying something like 'all episodes up to S02E07 now downloaded'. That way I'd know that the lowest indexed episode it was now looking for was E08. I'd also know if I had unknowingly reset the counter by saving some other aspect of the filter or something. hillman 16:45, 12 April 2006 (GMT)
  • Suggestion: Can some Dev PLEASE put in maximum torrent size as part of the filter settings? I really don't like the 30GB "accidents" for when a new naming format triggers a filter.

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