Restarting while updating

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There are some users who are having problems updating the Vuze client in Windows Vista that you should be aware of:

When Vuze has updates to install, the updates tells Vuze to quit either through (File > Exit), (File > Restart) or one of the restart prompts).

This process first does various checks to see if you have privileges to change files in Azureus' program directory. If you do, it simply copies the new files in, and exits or restarts. If you don't have enough privileges, it will try to elevate your privileges so that you can write. This usually results in asking you for an administrative password.

Restart Errors

Access was denied when trying to run 'AzureusUpdater.exe'. Make sure you have rights to run this program.

When you last restarted or quit Vuze, you should have received a UAC (User Account Control) dialog box prompting you to enter an administrative password. If you clicked cancel, or the program did not run properly, you will see the above message. If you never receive this dialog box, try installing Vuze from 'AzureusUpdater.exe' not found in '[azureus application dir]' For some reason, AzureusUpdater was not in your Azureus application directory (usually C:\Program Files\Azureus). The best remedy for this is to re-install Vuze from