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Safepeer (obsolete)
Author: Ludo
Latest release: 2.5.1



Safepeer is obsolete and incompatible with the current Azureus/Vuze version (4.2 and newer).

Built-in IP filter offers the same functionality as Safepeer used to do. Please read: Safepeer_Migration

  • This plugin allows you to import a list of IPs to block from some database (by default the one of PeerGuardian).
  • To install, use: Azureus > Plugins > Installation Wizard

The SafePeer plugin prevents Azureus from exchanging data with lots of (not all!) bad IPs, for example companies that are paid to sniff around or slow down downloads.

Important note: Azureus does need 2 to 20 minutes more to startup, because the plugin needs to download a big list of IPs. We think it's worth the wait. You could speed this up by enabling asynchronous loading in Azureus > Plugins > SafePeer but this is not recommended since this will give you less protection.

Version Notes[edit]

  • 2.2: GUI disable option, performance improvements and bugfix for periodic updates.
  • 2.1: GUI for ~SafePeer and Blocklist Manager available in Azureus plugins view; Blocked IPs are now logged to safepeer.log, with IP, corresponding range, torrent and time; Now using dedicated ~SafePeer sources for the blocklist manager, thanks to Bluetack.
  • 2.0: BETA RELEASE report problems to Ludo!.
  • It updates your blocking list on each re-start of Azureus or on a specific interval.
  • Version 1.1 has an updated address for the peerguardian list.

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