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What is it[edit]

ScaneRSS is a plugin application that reads RSS feeds and allows for automatic torrent download from these feeds by use of filters (rule sets). A filter rule can be made simply by using the auto suggest through the guiding features of the Pattern Assistant. This makes setting up the 'Regular Expression' rules simple and available with no knowledge of RegEx needed. Multiple filters can be created and assigned to any number of feeds. A download history can also be used to ensure that you only get the episode and season of the program that you want!




Latest release can be acquired here Download

Screen Shots[edit]



Feeds consist of a Name and an URL.

There are advanced options for password protected feeds. You can either enter the Username and Password or use an Cookie for the login.

Link Modification[edit]

is a feature for some sites that don't list the direct download ulrs in the feed, maybe a detail site. ScaneRSS can still parse the site and find the Torrent, but it is faster and more secure to use Link Modification. Link Mod lets you use the full power of Regular Expression replacing. Just remember that the backreferences are not \1 but $1 in the replace text.


Filter consists of a Name and a Pattern. It may have a DenyPattern too.


A Pattern is a | Regular Expression that is applied to the Feed Item title and url. It uses Matcher.find() so it is enough if it matches a part of the string. Once the Item passed the pattern the Deny Pattern will be applied, if it is set and matches the item will be dropped. If it passes this then the Download History will be applied.

Download History[edit]

Hash Based Download History: simply keeps track of the name of the download. It should not be used with more than one feed.

Download History keeps track of Season and Episode numbers. Can be used with multiple feeds. Default recognized patterns are:

  • S00E000 (-) S11E111
  • S00E000 (-) (E)111
  • S00E000
  • 00x000 (-) 11x111
  • 00x000 (-) 111
  • 00x000
  • 000-111
  • 000

Numbers in the Name can mess this up.

You can define you own Number Patterns!

Advanced Options[edit]

There are some advanced Options that are only work if the Plugin runs in Azureus, those are marked by an * in ScaneRSS.

The rest should be self explanatory.

Using ScaneRSS as AzSMRC Plugin[edit]

It is possible to use ScaneRSS in both Azureus and AzSMRC. If you are using it in AzSMRC you can control the Azureus ScaneRSS plugin with it.

You need to make sure to move the jdom_1.0.jar found in either /azsmrc or /scanerss dir to ~azureus/shared/lib/

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