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Adds three new seeding columns useful for share ratio based torrent management.

  • Torrent Filename - This column will show you the actual .torrent filename. The path and .torrent extension are stipped out.
  • U/L ETA - This will give you an estimated ETA for your seeding uploads. The time is based on how long it would take to reach torrent filesize (1:1 ratio).
  • U/L Remaining - Will tell you the remaining size and percentage of data needed to be uploaded to reach a 1:1 ratio. This column uses color-codes defined in the config under Interface -> Display.
    • 100% to 75% left = red (error color)
    • 74% to 50% left = orange (warning color)
    • 49% to 25% left = blue (progressbar color)
    • 24% to 0% left = black (standard color)


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  • the Torrent Filename column can be added to the downloading window as well.

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