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Sharing is a feature that allows you to share existing files on your computer as if they were any other download. The key aspects of this are exposed by

  • The File menu's 'Share' option (your Mode must be intermediate or above to see this)
  • The Tool menu's 'My Shares' option
  • The options available via Tools->Options->Sharing

You can share a single file, a folder (one 'share' is created containing everything in the folder), a folder's contents (each item in the folder is shared as a separate item) and finally a folder's contents recursively (each item in the folder is shared if it is a file; if it is a folder then each item in that folder is shared and so on)

When you share an item, internally Vuze creates a torrent for the item, adds it to Vuze as a seeding download and publishes it to the tracker defined in the options. By default it uses 'decentralised tracking' which uses the DHT to find peers - no configuration is required. You can also enable Vuze's built-in tracker and use that if you want.

Therefore shared items are made available for other users to download *if* they have access to the torrent/magnet link for the item (see Personal_Shares for a way to ensure that the generated torrent is unique)

You can see your current shares in the 'My Shares' view. From here you can right-click to obtain a magnet link if you want to tell others about the download.

Files and folders can also be drag+dropped to the 'My Shares' view to share them.