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These skins are the ones which are supplied by default with the Status Icon plugin - you can get more skins from the µTorrent skins page.

The following skins are supplied with the kind permission of the authors.

Skins by Determination[edit]

Icons are supplied under this license.

Status Icon - Determination - Blockage, manners.png Blockage, manners

Status Icon - Determination - Comfort.png Comfort

Status Icon - Determination - css v2.png css v2

Status Icon - Determination - pixelart v2.png pixelart v2

Status Icon - Determination - Simple Massive.png Simple Massive

Status Icon - Determination - XPMC.png XPMC

Skins by fractalnoise[edit]

Status Icon - fractalnoise - LuxoJr Crystal Round.png LuxoJr Crystal Round

Status Icon - fractalnoise - LuxoJr Crystal Square.png LuxoJr Crystal Square

Skins by iconaholic[edit]

(iconaholic's website can be found here)

Status Icon - iconaholic - Junior.png Junior

Status Icon - iconaholic - mAqua.png mAqua

Status Icon - iconaholic - mAqua Coloured.png mAqua Coloured