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Everyone having a share ratio of 1.00 or greater is both impossible and not desirable. Trackers usually allow less than a 1.00 to stay on the site and shouldn't punish you for having a more reasonable ratio (something like 0.8).

Impossible: Reasoning:

Say there is only one torrent in the world of a particular movie. 20 people want that movie and initially one is the seed. Well the 20th person has no one that wants the file so can't seed it back up to a 1.00 ratio. There will always be a last person for any torrent and so the sum of all share ratios for any given torrent will always be less than 1.00Xnumber of people with a copy (or ever having a copy). (Actually should be exactly (N-1)X1.00 where N is the number of people with a copy assuming no errors downloading chunks causing it to be resent.

Undesirable: Reasoning:

Not everything is worthwhile content. Some things will be copyright and well be requested to be stopped sharing. Some things will be poorly shot amateur video, or the codec will be broken. Regardless, leechers shouldn't be encouraged to seed back up to 1.00 for files that are junk. Junk being defined as something that the seeder has a reasonable expectation that will not be desirable for the person leeching. Spending your time and bandwidth downloading something from someone that knew the file was junk rather than from another source where the file isn't junk is just silly. Also some content should be allowed to die because it looses relevance with time or is later found to be in error (say documentaries about eugenics).