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The Telnet UI is an alternate interface to the console ui commands.

The telnet UI is configured through the following variables:

  • Telnet_iPort - port to listen on for telnet connections
  • Telnet_sAllowedHosts - comma separated list of hosts that are allowed to connect
  • Telnet_iMaxLoginAttempts - maximum login attempts from a single connection (only useful for Multi User Telnet UI)

These variables are not currently persisted. Need to work out how to do that.

Once the telnet UI is configured, users may connect to Azureus through telnet and obtain a console user interface

Multi User Telnet UI[edit]

The Multi User Telnet UI is an extension to the telnet UI to support multiple users. Users are divided into three categories:

  • Admin - the same control as logging directly into the console and may start/stop/remove torrents for all other users
  • User - have partial control. can add torrents and can manipulate (start/stop/remove) their own torrents
  • Guest - have very little control. basically a 'read-only' user. can view the torrents in progress

To enable the multi user telnet UI, the System property: azureus.console.multiuser=1 must be passed on the command line, e.g.:

java -Dazureus.console.multiuser=1 ..... org.gudy.azureus.ui.common.Main --ui=console

Once the property is enabled, the console UI will have an extra command: 'user'. Through this command, you may add/modify/delete/list the users that are able to log into this Azureus instance.

When the user list has been configured correctly, you may enable the telnet UI once more:

> ui telnet
Telnet server started. Listening on port: 50006

Now, when users log into the telnet UI, they will be prompted for a user name and password. They must enter their user name and password correctly to be able to log into the telnet UI now.