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To use this template, type {{Languages|{{EN|Main_Page}}|||}} at the top of the page, where "EN" is the language (EN, FR, DE, and PL are the only four supported right now, but you can add more) and "pagename" is the title of the page (i.e. TelnetUI). You can add as many languages as you want, up to four, but even if there is only one or two, the other lines must still be there as placeholders or the template will not work.


  • {{Languages|{{EN|Main_Page}}|||}} - English only
  • {{Languages|{{DE|Main_Page}}|{{FR|Main_Page||}} - German and French
  • {{Languages|{{DE|Main_Page}}|{{EN|Main_Page}}|{{FR|Main_Page}}|}} - German, English, and French
  • {{Languages|{{DE|Main_Page}}|{{EN|Main_Page}}|{{FR|Main_Page}}|{{PL|Main_Page}}}} - German, English, French, and Polish.