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This article isn't for those users who want to get the classic interface (there's this page for that), nor is it a page explaining the relationship between Azureus and Vuze (there's this page for that too). This is a page for those users who stick with version, because they believe there is something special about it.

There are a lot of people who stick to using version There's a bit of a misunderstanding about this version (compared to others), so I want to give a little bit of history:


Released on 22 Aug 2006 - This was the very last version of Azureus released without any of the Vuze (or Zudeo) interface contained with it.


Released on 15 Jan 2007 - This was the first version of Azureus which contained the Zudeo interface. It was dual-released as - the normal Azureus executable linked to the standard classic interface (as it always had). The Zudeo executable in the installer linked to a different interface.

The main JAR file (which contains all the core code) for both versions were identical, except for the one file which defines what the version number.


Released on 25 Jan 2007 - The last version of Azureus released with a 2.x version number. Dual-released as Even though many people think this is the last version with no Zudeo code in it, they're wrong - that was version If you were to open up the Azureus2.jar file in a zip program (you might need to rename it to to open it up), you can see some of the code in there (for example, there's a file called com/aelitis/azureus/ui/images/zudeo_logo.png which is the logo used for the interface).


Released on 15 Feb 2007 - This version was the first where we decided to move to a joint version number, rather than maintaining 2.x and 3.x releases at the same time.

So this version could have easily been a release which would have contained the changes here. This version was only pushed to those users who were either using beta versions, or those who were already using 3.x versions.

If you were using the standard Azureus executable from the 2.x versions, you would still get the classic interface. If you were using the new executable bundled with the Zudeo install, you would get the Zudeo interface.

So this system was kept for a while, until we got to...


Released on 20 Aug 2007 - This was the first version of Azureus where we made more of a change to make the Vuze interface and Azureus interface more interchangable.

  • We introduced the UI switcher to allow switching between the Vuze UI and the classic UI.
  • The interface used wasn't based on which executable you were using - it was based on a value stored in the configuration instead. So it doesn't matter which executable you were using, it would use your preference setting to determine the interface to use.
  • Once we had this in place, this was the first Azureus version that was pushed to users of (if they had "check for updates" enabled). Most users who auto-updated from in this way then kept the classic interface (though a few users ended up with the Vuze UI for some reason).


Released on 16 Jun 2008 - The first version where the application was renamed to Vuze. In previous releases, some places used the name "Vuze", others used "Azureus", some parts used "Azureus Vuze" (like the shortcuts to the application) - this was changed to be "Vuze" consistently through the application.


So in summary:

  • - is the last version of Azureus with no Zudeo / Vuze UI bundled with it.
  • - was the first version of Azureus with the Zudeo / Vuze UI bundled with it.
  • - was the last version of Azureus with a version number starting with 2.x.
  • - was the first version of Azureus which is where we used a consistent version numbering scheme.
  • - was the first 3.x version that was made available to 2.5 users.
  • - was the first version of the application where it was renamed to Vuze.
  • None of these versions have ever forced you to use the Vuze UI if you don't want to - you can always switch back.

Why use[edit]

There isn't really any reason why you should use version - if you want to stick to using the classic UI, you can use the latest version. If you really don't want to use a version of the program called "Vuze", you can use If you really don't want a version of Azureus with any Zudeo / Vuze UI in it (regardless of the fact that it doesn't get loaded), then you should actually be using Otherwise - there's nothing wrong with using a 3.x version....

Unless you have a fear of the number three....