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Why most of your torrents are queued and not downloading[edit]

Vuze has a queue system which constantly re-orders the running order of the torrents and only allows a suitable amount to be active at time. You can adjust the queue options:

Go to Tools > Options > Queue and see Max simultaneous downloads and Max active torrents options.

These numbers determine how many torrents run simultaneously. Do NOT change them before reading Good settings! Especially, do not increase the Max active torrents to too high compared to your internet connections upload bandwidth. Otherwise, you may see your download speed DETERIORATE. Make sure you are downloading good torrents, too.

Max simultaneous downloads is the maximum number of torrents downloading at any moment. Max active torrents is the maximum number of torrents you download or seed at the same time. Naturally, the number of downloads can't be larger than the number of all active (downloads + seedings)


  • Please also note that if you are using the newer Vuze interface, the completed seeding torrents are shown in Unwatched page, but not on Downloading page of My Library. So you may not notice all active ones, if you only look to the Downloading page.
  • If you want to see all the use useful columns in the Vuze interface, switch from "Simple view" to "Advanced view", and use Column Setup to select the needed data columns for display.


The following example picture shows, how Vuze has calculated a Seeding Rank for all completed torrents:


The priority order of torrents is: First priority seeding, download, seeding.

In the previous picture, the Max active torrents setting has been set to 5 and Max simultaneous downloads to 2. Thus 2 First priority seeding torrents, 2 downloading torrents and finally 1 normal seeding torrent are started.

  • Please note that as the First priority status overrides the Seeding rank, the First priority torrents have been started despite their low Seeding rank.
  • Some of the torrents also have an asterisk ' * ' in their Seeding rank column, which asterisk indicates that the torrent has been recently started and its Minimum seeding time is still going on, and thus the torrent will not be automatically stopped before that time has gone.

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