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There are two reasons why Azureus contacts (was

1. To check for updates

You can disable this call via Options->Interface->Start. Unselect "Check for latest version when Azureus starts" and "Check for latest version periodically"

2. To get your external IP address

As of, there is still no way of disabling this.

An anonymous version number, random id, and some anonymous stats are sent to on each request. You can disable this option by turning off the "Allow Azureus to send anonymous version number and random id while checking for new version" in Options->Interface.

As of, the following anonymous data is being sent:

  • OS name, version, architecture (for update check)
  • time since last version check
  • Java version, vendor, memory setting
  • plugin list (for plugin update check)
  • SWT version, platform (for SWT update check)
  • main window size (to help us make sure the UI fits within the vast majority of window sizes)
  • using PHE only (encryption mode)
  • which interface you are using (Vuze / Vuze Advanced / Azureus 2 ("Classic") UI)
  • Your AS and ASN. This allows the version check server to return information about whether you would benefit from turning on PHE

As of, the following additional data is being sent:

  • Java runtime version (more detail about what specific JVM is in use)
  • Language setting (to help us determine which languages need supporting)

As of, certain new experimental features may be disabled remotely if a lot of problems have been reported with it after release:

  • New request limiting behaviour
  • UDP-based reconnection
  • General quick reconnect mechanism
  • Auto-speed mechanism used

As of, some plugins can now report data back to the server - currently, this is limited to the following plugins:

As of, information previously not sent when the 'don't send version number and random id' was selected has been changed to always be sent. This information is purely to allow the version server to recommend the correct updates to the client - SWT versions depend on os specific details for example. The following fields are affected:

  • ui - whether Vuze UI or Classic UI - needed to target UI specific updates (e.g. to avoid unnecessary updates of users with Classic UI when changes that only affect the Vuze UI are made)
  • os, os_version, os_arch: Required to correctly update SWT
  • swt_version: Required to correctly update SWT