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Vuze is FREE[edit]

Vuze (previously known as Azureus) is free software, available officially only from or

If you have been charged to download Vuze then we are very sorry to say that you likely have been ripped off.
You should try and get a refund from the people/company/website that charged you, or contest the charges directly with your credit card provider.

  • If your credit card bill / receipt shows MB-Sale or MB-Purchase, you have been scammed; Vuze Inc has absolutely nothing to do with these 3rd parties, and cannot help you or refund any money.

As of Vuze version 4.4, there is a legitimate paid edition of the client, called Vuze Plus.
While Plus is officially supported by Vuze Inc, be aware that many 3rd party scam sites use the Plus promotional materials,
so only trust Plus editions purchased from within the free client or from Plus Payment and Activation FAQ

Verify your Windows Vuze Installer[edit]

The official installer in Windows environment is "digitally signed" by Vuze Inc., and you can check/verify that digital signature with Windows Explorer.
If the Windows installer is not properly signed by Vuze Inc., it is a third-party modification and should not be trusted.
Note: Scam sites often sell and distribute legit signed installer binaries, especially of old client versions.


The source code for Vuze/Azureus is "open source" and follows the GNU General Public License (GPL), the text of which license gets installed to your Vuze program directory.

The list that follows gives you websites falsely using the Vuze/Azureus name and product to make you pay.

Do NOT go to these sites[edit]

Note: Links intentionally obfuscated to avoid driving search ranking to these sites.

  1. www.vuze-official.c 0m
  2. www.azureuscenter.c 0m
  3. www.azureus--uk.c 0m
  4. www.azureus-es.c 0m
  5. www.azureus.c A
  6. www.azureus.m S
  7. www.azureus-it.c 0m
  8. 0m/azureus/
  9. 0m/azureus/
  10. spanish.ircfast2.c 0m/lv/gr0up/view/kl25534/Azureus.htm

Do NOT trust Google ads.

Do NOT go to these sites either[edit]

There have been reports that the following sites have been repackaging Vuze/Azureus and have tried to sell it:

  1. ch131.c0m
  2. expressmoviedownloads.c0m
  3. fasttvdownloads.c0m
  4. free-movies-and-music.c0m
  5. mbpurchase.c0m
  6. membersarea-movies.c0m
  7. membersarea-wdownloads.c0m
  8. moonlightcinemanetworks.c0m
  9. mywiidownloads.c0m
  10. netiphonedownloads.c0m
  11. netps3downloads.c0m
  12. sharedmovies.c0m
  13. stage66.c0m
  14. the-movie-downloading.c0m
  15. themoviedownl0ads.c0m
  16. unlimitedgamesdownload.c0m
  17. unlimitedps3cheats.c0m
  18. unlimitedps3downloads.c0m
  19. unlimitedwiidownloads.c0m
  20. viewvids.inf0
  21. downloadablemovie.0rg
  22. gamersnetwork.0rg

Read the disclaimers![edit]

Always read a site's disclaimers before downloading (and especially paying for!) software (yes, this doesn't just apply to Vuze). Here's the disclaimer from www.vuze-official.c 0m as of 2012/08/23:

Vif voscam.png

The site is copyright to something that appears to be nothing to do with Vuze and spells out that they have no affiliation with Vuze and do not sell Vuze. Anything you purchase here is to do with "unlimited access to their site's resources".