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If you are getting weird display of that kind:


it means that for some reason Vuze has lost track of the correct 'language file' and displays the internal keys instead of the normal strings.

Usually that language file in embedded inside Vuze, but if Vuze finds such a language file in the program directory, it will start using that.

You need to exit Vuze, look for MessagesBundle*.properties files in the Vuze program directory (in Windows systems it is usually C:\Program files\Vuze (or \Azureus)). If you find such files, delete them. Then launch Vuze again. (Even if you did not find such files there, restarting Vuze may have cleared things back to normal.)

  • Note: you may also try to change the language temporarily from the Interface -> Language options. Vuze should load the strings of the new language immediately, and then you can change back to your original language.