Why Is Vuze Banned By X

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Unfortunately some sites have banned Vuze over the years for various reasons. In all cases, where it is possible to contact the administrators responsible, efforts have been made to ascertain the reason for the action and to work with them to remove the ban - via explanation or code changes.

Most often these are private sites that require user registration and attempt to control their users by means of policing a user's share-ratio as reported to their trackers.

This share ratio is derived from non-verifiable statistics that torrent clients report - basically 'bytes uploaded' and 'bytes downloaded'.

The most commonly reported reason is due to the belief that Vuze is in someway in a special position to be hacked to report statistics to boost a user's apparent share ratio because Vuze is Open Source.

While such changes are possible, if I am going to download the source and change it to report false statistics I might as well change the code that reports the client as being Vuze and make it look like another (non-banned client) at the same time - thus making the ban ineffective. Note also that there are other Open Source clients available and widely used - these often don't get banned hinting at a possible other reason for the action. Indeed, some administrators ban Vuze because they say they don't like it.

Also there are tools that can be used to proxy tracker network communication to change statistics for *ANY* client, so a user can modify the statistics reported by their favourite client without modifying the client itself.

If you are having issues with a site banning Vuze please feel free to put us in touch with an admin so we can see if the situation can be resolved.