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The Vuze code should work with Windows Vista and Windows 7 just fine. However, the libraries that Vuze uses may have issues. The advice on this page applies both to Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The following is a list of problems and workaround/fixes (if available):

Azureus isn't using the in Aero theme
Replace your Java with a Java 6 JRE version, see Java
GUI Issues in general
You can try and replace the swt libraries by downloading the latest stream stable build of swt from and unpack the swt.jar into your azureus directory.
Directory permissions
Make sure that you have permissions to write into the Vuze configuration directory. Make sure that you have enough rights to write to that directory. That is especially true with Windows Vista and Windows 7, which protect user profiles and C:\Program Files directories much strictly than Windows XP and earlier.
You get easiest forward with Vista and Windows 7, if you
  1. Give yourself & Everyone "read & write / full rights" to Vuze program folder (C:\Program Files\Vuze)
  2. Also give Everyone full rights to Vuze configuration directory (e.g. C:\Users\yourUsername\Appdata\Roaming\Azureus)
  3. Locate the downloaded files ("library" / default download directory) to somewhere else than your profile or Vuze program directory ( and make sure that you / everyone has write rights to that directory ). For example, create a new folder like C:\VuzeDownloads and tell Vuze to use that as default directory.
Folder permissions are handled in each folder's properties in Windows Explorer, from Security tab.
Instead of "Everyone", you can also use "Authenticated users" group in Windows.
Errors like 'failed to create directory' and 'Plugin bootstrap initialization error'
It is possible that your Windows registry is corrupted thanks to some 3rd-party DRM in a game/music/etc., which DRM software is not fully compatible with Vista and 7. Read about Error with ReleaseEngineer
Error with 'Access is Denied. Disk write error, flush fails, open fails, file not found'
The error may surface, if you select a Windows 7 "Library" like "Videos" or "Documents" as the save location. Those virtual libraries are not proper location for saving files, instead you should save files to the underlying actual directories. See forum discussion:
Read also: Existing_data_file_length_too_large

Read the Azureus FAQ