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Once you have seeded a download to the best of your ability you may want to stop and remove the download from Vuze in order to free up resources (every running downloaded uses some memory, CPU and network resources and if your library has hundreds of downloads then this all adds up). However you may occasionally want to re-activate a download, for example a poorly seeded torrent may require re-seeding to bring it back to life. Manually re-seeding a download can be troublesome though as you need to have the original torrent file, then add the torrent and manually select the correct data location etc.

Archiving a download makes it simple to re-activate a download later whilst consuming minimal resources. It also provides you with a convenient list of things you have downloaded so you can quickly locate the downloads on disk when needed.

Archiving a Download[edit]

Only completed and stopped downloads can be archived - right-click on them and select 'Archive'


Archive View[edit]

A separate view is available to manage archived downloads - go to the View menu and select 'Archived Downloads'. The view has a simple list of the downloads that have been archived and sub-tab that will show the files belonging to a selected download.

When the size of a download's file is shown in () this means that the file is a 'do not download' file and the content is unavailable - if required then restore the download, switch the file priority and wait for it to complete.

Restoring a Download[edit]

To restore a download locate it in the Archived Downloads, right-click on it and select 'Restore' or hit the start button in the toolbar to both restore it and start it running.


Restored downloads are automatically added to a Tag named 'Restored' to make them simple to find in your Library.

Searching the Archive[edit]

As with Library views there is a filter box top-right that can be used to filter the downloads - it supports the same kind of operations as the Library view including regular expression mode.

To filter by the names of files within a download, as opposed to the download title, prefix the search expression with "f:". For example, to find all downloads with files that contain the word "sock" you would enter


as the expression.


Tag constraints can be used to assign downloads that are ready for archive to a Tag for easy identification. For example, to assign those that are ready and have a share ratio of at least 0.5 you would use a constraint of

canArchive() && isGE( shareratio, 0.5 );

The ability to archive downloads was introduced in Vuze