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Since version Vuze has included a backup-and-restore feature for configuration data (everything that Vuze uses internally to manage configuration settings, subscriptions, devices etc). This does not include anything external such as the downloaded data itself, torrents stored outside of the standard Vuze configuration directory, transcoded files etc. as these are in general large and require specialist backup.

As such it provides a good mechanism to recover from configuration data corruption (a rare occurrence but very annoying when it happens) and it can also be used to migrate configuration data from one location to another as the restore action will update any absolute paths in the configuration data.

Migrating Vuze using this feature[edit]

On the original computer use 'backup' to backup the configuration

On the new computer install Vuze as required

On the new computer ensure that the 'Vuze Downloads' directory is populated with exactly the same files as the original computer (i.e. either copy them across or mount them identically if on a shared drive)

On the new computer use 'restore' to restore Vuze's configuration from the one you backed-up.


In versions prior to there is a bug whereby if you select the backup location to be within Vuze's config directory the process gets in a loop and will recursively use up all your filestore - see so don't!!!