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Creating a Video Playlist for iOS Devices[edit]

To create a video playlist that works on your iOS devices such as an iPhone you need to put a blank 10 second .mp3 file on the playlist first.

Here's a [blank mp3 file] - download it and add it to iTunes by either directly dragging and dropping it onto iTunes or by dropping it onto Vuze's iTunes sidebar entry and selecting 'do not transcode'

Create yourself a playlist in iTunes and add the blank music file as the first entry.

Adding Tags to Content[edit]

If you want to add tags to content before it is imported into iTunes then you need to disable the auto-copy function by right-clicking on iTunes in the sidebar and deselecting it in the context menu. Once this is done transcoded files will be queued for import into iTunes until you either manually push them through (via the context menu's 'manual copy' option) or you re-enable auto-copy. While queued you can right-click on the queued file to locate it on your hard-drive and tag it as needed.

iTunes 'Integration Problems' on Windows[edit]

One cause of this being reported in the sidebar (as the tool-tip text for a warning triangle icon) is that you have installed a 64-bit version of Vuze but your iTunes is a 32-bit install. To fix this either replace Vuze with a 32-bit install:

Windows 32-bit Installer     (link for Vuze Plus users)

or update your iTunes to a 64-bit install:

Search for a 64-bit iTunes install