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What makes a torrent a good (or even perfect) torrent?[edit]

While many users that are new to BitTorrent think that they would/could max out their download capacity, this is only the case rarely. The reason for this is that there are often only peers with low upload capacity - remember, you can only get what others are capable of giving, that's why it's called filesharing.

See the examples for the interdependency between the number of seeds and peers in a swarm and the Availability, the Average Swarm Speed and your upload to this single torrent in kB/s. And remember, do not Force Start your torrents, use Good settings instead!

Please note: Those following examples are valid for a 1024kb/s down and 256kb/s up line. Especially a faster uplink (a symmetric connection would be perfect) can speed things up.

The torrent is... seeds peers Availability Average Swarm Speed your UL* to swarm in kB/s DL* to expect in kB/s
very bad 0 30 0.106 1.1 10.5 0 to 10
bad 1 6 1.020 3.2 2.0 0 to 3
acceptable 2 3 2.120 5.3 11.6 5 to 15
good 5 108 8.660 8.1 22.1 8 to 22
better 1230 8472 58.880 11.2 18.1 11 to 18
perfect! 80 20 69.998 32.6 28.0 28 to 150

* UL = upload speed / DL = download speed
Note the seeds to peers ratio: there should never be extremely more peers than seeds.

You should set your Ignore Rules and First Priority rules to prefer seeding torrents that only have a few seeds. This is far more important than seeding torrents that already have dozens or even hundreds of seeds. Make sure you maintain an overall (Total) Share Ratio of 1.0 or higher.

And please don't be a selfish leech! Don't turn good torrents into bad ones, even if you are using one of those Internet service providers that do not like file sharing.

In contrast to good torrents there are many average and a few Bad torrents - read about them if you have torrents that do not finish.

Read the Azureus FAQ