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You should help out with Azureus[edit]

Azureus is powerful, complex, effective and free software, and the developers need your help to make it better. You need not be a programmer - just a power user. You'll likely be good with computers, understanding how they are most often used, and you'll probably have an idea of how Azureus works behind its GUI.

You can help. If you make the developers' jobs easier, not only will they be grateful but they'll have more time for new features!

There are many ways to help the Azureus team:

Communications and Tools[edit]

  • Talk to other people on the project. Good communication is key!
  • There are many ways to reach people, such as on the source code mailing list, in the forums, or on IRC. You can also ask questions on the discussion pages here on the wiki.

Documentation and Web maintenance[edit]

You can help by:

  • Maintaining the wiki - cleaning it up, keeping information up to date, and rewriting poorly written pages.
  • Writing Documentation.
  • Monitoring the source code mailing lists and IRC, and adding support information to the Wiki (Azureus FAQs).
  • Translating the most important Wiki and Web content to other languages.

End-user Support[edit]

  • Join #azureus-support on Freenode (, and help out fellow Azureus users.
  • Give support on the forums.
  • Speak a language other than English? We need your help with native-language support!

Quality Assurance[edit]

  • Help review bug reports in the forum.
    • Ensure bug reports meet standards, are reproducible, and are well documented before they are sent to the developers. A bug report needs multiple testers.
  • Learn how to write good bug reports, and double-check them before submitting.
  • Install and test the various beta (and alpha) code. Installing new beta CVS versions is rather easy.