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Connecting to IRC

  • To connect to a chat room, first set up the plugin by going to Azureus > Tools > Options > Plugins > IRC
    • server: The name of the server. Azureus user chat is on
    • channel: The name of the chat room. Channel names must have the # as first character and must NOT have spaces in them. There are nine channels set up for users right now:
  1. English: #azureus-support
  2. Français: #azureus-french
  3. Deutsch: #azureus-german
  4. Español: #azureus-espanol
  5. Polski: #azureus-polish
  6. Finnish: #azureus-finnish
  7. Norsk: #azureus-norwegian
  8. Portugues: #azureus-portugues
  9. Mac OS X: #azureus-macosx
  10. Wiki: #azureus-wiki
  11. Entry channel for the IRC plugin: #azureus-users
  12. Main/in-depth technical issues (no support): #azureus
  13. azureus-coders only (no support): #azureus-dev

  • nickname: Choose a nickname to use in the chat room, replace any spaces with _ and use a nick that starts with a letter, nicks like [l33t] are banned (and nothing offending and not only CAPS nicks please)
  • save the changes
  • next, go to the Azureus > Plugins > IRC to open the IRC tab
  • After a short time, it should connect you to and you will be able to begin chatting (read the then presented topic first!)
  • should you wish to change the channel once the IRC plugin has loaded, just use /join #azureus-users (or the channel name you wish to join)
  • A small tip... There may already be several people being help with problems when you arrive. Please do not attempt to follow instructions set out for others, just ask one of the experts (it's normally not to hard to spot them) if they can help you. Trying to use help not intended for you just causes problems in the long run...

Rules for IRC

  • The people who assist you in the #azureus-users IRC channel are unpaid, unthanked, often stressed out volunteers who give up much of their time just to help you. Please be patient and courteous with them.
  • You may find that you are more likely to get more help, and more quickly, if you follow the guideline for how to ask questions outlined here: - do NOT mail your Azureus problems to the authors of that guide, they will NOT answer since they are NOT Azureus experts! Ask the experts in the IRC channel!

The top 3:

  • Discussion about torrent sites with warez (or sites that list those) is STRICTLY prohibited. You WILL get kicked or banned for it. It is also not permitted to post URLs to sites containing torrents to download. No exceptions.
  • Insults, name-calling, harassment of any form, vulgarity, profanity, obscenity, etc. are not allowed. See below for more information.
  • Be patient. Sometimes no one will see your question for quite a while if they are away from the computer or busy elsewhere. Sometimes people are chatting but no one answers your question. Just ask your question and hang out in the channel until you see some activity or find someone willing to assist you. Do not ask every two minutes. If no-one answers you may ask again 15 to 20 minutes later.

If you do not agree these rules, please feel free not to use any of the Azureus' IRC channels.

Rules in full

In order to chat, and receive help on this channel, you must agree with the following rules:

Although the administrators and channel operators of the #azureus-users IRC channel will attempt to keep all objectionable messages to a minimum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Freenode, nor anyone connected with the Azureus BitTorrent client will be held responsible for the content of any message.

Specific rules for chatting in the IRC channels

  • The purpose of the channel is to find help about the Azureus program, as in how to properly configure it and/or how to make plugins work - not to help you with your downloads.
  • Anyone capable and willing to help is of course welcome.
  • Discussion about illegal torrent sites (or sites that list them) / warez is STRICTLY prohibited. You WILL get kicked or banned for it.
  • And no complaints such as "but it wasn't really a link, I was just asking" or "oh come on pal, I was just trying to help". Or even "what's that about? BT is warez, don't be silly". Saying BitTorrent is illegal is like saying FTP or HTTP is. It doesn't make any sense. The Mozilla Organization is not responsible if you can get access to illegal sites through Firefox...
  • The language of the channel is ENGLISH. Others channels exist though. (see above)
  • If you don't know anything about BitTorrent and how it all works, please look for it in Google. See also Helpful links.

General rules for chatting in the IRC channels

One of our objectives for the #azureus-users IRC channel is to create a fun, lively, friendly, safe community for everyone to enjoy. To that end, we have unfortunately found it necessary to enforce the following rules:

  • READ THE TOPIC (the text that appears as soon as you join the channel?)
  • No name calling
  • No insulting remarks
  • No denigration is permitted of other peoples
    • Nationality
    • Race
    • Creed
    • Colour
    • Ethnicity
    • Religion
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Politics
    • Ideas
    • Knowledge
    • Opinions
    • Size
    • Shape
    • Hobbies
    • Pets
    • Sexual Orientation

...or any other personal feature.

  • Just to be clear, you may disagree with anything or anyone you like, but you may not insult anyone (this means nobody may insult you either).
  • No harassment
  • No threats
  • No vulgarity
  • No obscenity
  • No graphic sexual or anatomical references
  • No accusations
  • No flaming

(By "flaming" we mean saying anything that is hurtful to another individual. This includes all the things listed above, and also includes the intention to discredit, harm, put down, ostracise, or stirring up others to do similar.)

  • No bickering

(By "bickering" we mean that exchanges including, but not limited to "I am not, You are too", or similar are strictly NOT permitted.)

  • No flooding

(By "flooding" we mean posting many identical messages, posting meaningless messages, and posting in any way that results in an unreasonable amount of space being taken in the channel.)

Problems with other individuals

  • If any individual has a problem with any other individual(s), they may contact any of the Channel Operators by private message only, so as not to involve the entire rest of the channel unnecessarily.
  • Individuals who do NOT respect this rule will be subject to action taken against them.
  • You may report any objectionable posts, and the Channel Operators will, at their sole discretion, take any appropriate action as expediently as possible.
  • If there is a dispute between a channel user and any one or more of the Channel Operators, the decision of the Channel Operator will take precedence.
  • Channel Operators may act at their sole discretion if they feel that the channel environment is being negatively affected by any user.


  • We encourage individuals to share a limited amount of personal information, just enough to help us feel that you are a real person.
  • We advise individuals not to share too much personal information, as this is the internet after all, and there are some dangerous people out there.
  • Disrespect and intolerance towards other people is NOT acceptable, and will result in measures being taken against any offenders.

You have been warned.

Disciplinary policy

  • Currently, our policy towards individuals who break these rules is a "Two Strike" policy.

No warning is issued as you are supposed to be aware of these rules

The two strikes:

  • First offence: Being kicked from the channel one or more times.
  • Second offence: Either a temporary, or a permanent ban.

These actions will be taken at the sole discretion of the Channel Operators. You may be banned outright for breaking freenode network policy.


Appeals to action taken by Channel Operators may be made by Private Message only to any of the Channel Operators.


Any posts that offend in any of the ways outlined above will be treated as Spam, and the individuals responsible will be subject to action taken against them.

Your responsibilities

  • You MUST keep up to date with this Users Agreement.

It will be amended from time to time, and it will be entirely YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be aware of any changes. Announcements will be made in the channel if there are any changes.

  • You MUST read all announcements posted in the channel by the Channel Operators.

These notices are posted for YOUR BENEFIT, it is entirely YOUR responsibility to read and adhere to any guidelines they outline. Your failure to read, know, or adhere to these rules will likely result in disciplinary action, since you will not be aware of the rules, or changes.


By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.


  • IRC chat, which is is now available through a plugin, used to be an integrated part of the Azureus client.

Read the Azureus FAQ