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"NAT Port Mapping Protocol" (NAT-PMP) is a simpler but less common alternative to "Universal Plug and Play" (UPnP). It is supported by Apple's Airport 4.2, Airport Extreme and Airport Express base stations. When enabled, Azureus will automatically configure port forwarding.

  1. Activate NAT-PMP on the AirPort base station (disabled by default):
    1. Run "AirPort Utility" and follow any advice it may give you regarding firmware upgrades.
    2. Under Internet panel, click the tab labeled "NAT", and check the box labeled "Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol".
  2. Tell Azureus to use NAT-PMP to map its listening ports:
    1. Under Preferences → Plugins → UPnP:
      • check the box labeled "Enable UPnP". (Azureus treats NAT-PMP as a special type of UPnP.)
    2. Under Preferences → Plugins → UPnP → NAT-PMP:
      • Check the "Enable" box
      • Optional: add your router's internal IP address to "Station address" (probably

On some Apple routers (AirPort Extreme 802.11n) Azureus does not properly autodetect the NAT-PMP Station Address. Unless you set this address manually it will send NAT-PMP requests to the wrong IP.

Support for this is currently experimental, if you have any problems then please report them and use manual port mappings in the meantime.

Note that Azureus currently treats NAT-PMP as a type of UPnP device so you need to enable UPnP for this to work.


pending:: contention: The default for the basestation is to share a public address with the wireless devices. Verify this in Airport Utility > your_AEBSn > Internet > Internet Connection > Connection Sharing. To set NAT-PMP Station Address for AEBSn, then select NAT> "Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol" (while not selecting a default host, this way Azureus can still pick it up from the automatic settings). Then, in Azureus' Preferences/Options, the UPnP must be enabled under the Plug-Ins tab, as well as the NAT-PMP. Save the Preferences/Options. Close and restart Azureus. Apply the settings to the basestation so that it restarts as well. This is sufficient to clear the NAT/Firewall error, however packets still aren't being sent so something must be done for port forwarding as well. Will require further investigation.  ::pending::