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The Status Icon plugin is a plugin which adds a new column to the torrents view providing a "status" indicator - where each state that a torrent can be in has its own icon. The status text is shown as a tooltip when you hover over the icon.


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Just use Plugins -> Installation Wizard. Alternatively, you can download the plugin directly from here.


Perhaps a picture would make it clearer? Here's a screenshot of the plugin (with "Determination - Comfort" skin): Status icon 1.png

Other screenshots:


This page shows what skins are included by default with the plugin. You can currently use any skin currently intended for the µTorrent client.


Thanks to Determination, fractalnoise and iconaholic for letting me use their skins, and thanks to The_8472 for doing the German translation of the plugin.

Mini FAQ[edit]

No-one's asked these questions yet, but just in case they do...

Why do you use µTorrent skins?[edit]

When I first wrote the plugin, I just wanted some icons to test it with (I didn't really want to make my own ones). But then I decided to actually spend the time to make it compatible with µTorrent skins, so I didn't have to come up with my own skins.

Why don't you use your own skin format?[edit]

That's something I intend to do. It'd be nice to hear what sort of things people may want to include the status icon indicator, and then I can come up we can come up with our own skin format, rather than having to use the µTorrent format.

Can I customise other parts of the Azureus UI with this plugin?[edit]

No - plugin API for Azureus doesn't allow that at the moment.

Future Changes[edit]

  • Health colour icon overlay (screenshot here).
  • Health colour used for row (screenshot here).
  • New custom skin definition set (needs more decision about it)
    • Include "disk checking" icon.
    • (Any more suggestions?)

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