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Eastlink (in Canada) confirm that they have a throttling schedule[edit]

When people contact them thru live chat, they deny any Throttling. Then they tell you that they just contacted an upper level tech support and they confirm that they are not throttling. Then you throw at them court documents found on Google, then they say that they have a throttling schedule and give you that link ([1]).

The reality is different than their ITMP. I still have both services here (DSL & Cable) to compare. And definitely, Eastlink is Throttling more than what they claim. Download is not too bad, but upload is 0 Kbps. On Bell Fibe 15, i'm able to upload at 90 Kbytes/sec for the same torrents.

Charter limits bandwidth during certain times of the day[edit]

Charter DEFINITELY limits bandwidth at certain times of the day. It slows to a crawl during work hours and it "useable" during the night. 14:54, 14 April 2011 (UTC)

Venezuelan ISPs[edit]

I must say that in Venezuela there are two other ISPs blocking torrent access and many downloads in general. those would Digitel or better known by their Bam 3g service and movistar telefonica, new 3.5g connection.

United Kingdom ISPs[edit]

Updated: 26/4/2015

Recommended ISPs: BT and Sky, Why? See below!

Plusnet - Always throttles P2P traffic based on QoS on their network side.

EE (Ex. Orange Broadband) - Throttles P2P traffic based on peak hours what are weekdays: between 4.30pm to 1am and at weekends between 1.30pm and 1am. VoIP and Gaming traffic have prioritised traffic (Highest)

BT Broadband - Do not throttle any type of traffic

Sky Broadband - Do not throttle any type of traffic however their Fibre package default upload speed is 10Mb and 38Mb download speed but can be upgraded to "upto" 20Mb upload speed and up to "80Mb" download speed - Sky's ADSL2 package have an max upload of 1.3Mb but depends on the distance from the BT green cabinet.

TalkTalk - Do not throttle any type of traffic however their Fibre package default upload speed is 2Mb and 38Mb download speed but can be upgraded to "upto" 20Mb upload speed and up to "80Mb" download speed - TalkTalk's ADSL2 package have an max upload of 688 Kbps but depends on the distance from the BT green cabinet.

Virgin Media - have decided to stop applying traffic management policy to download speeds but a temporary upload speed limit and included to all P2P traffic during peak times 11am to 11pm

List Order[edit]

Do you think it would be a good idea to organize these ISPs alphabetically or by country? Is there a reason they're in the current order, or is it just that they were added as people discovered them? --culix 19:12, 22 September 2006 (GMT)

They're just listed in the order they've been added... or sometimes randomly. Ordering them by country (1 table per country, if there are multiple "bad" ISPs in one country) and then by name would be the most useful combination i'd say. --The8472 21:45, 22 September 2006 (GMT)
I second The8472's statement and personally I'd like to know how this information was retrieved about a provider because personally I don't know that well how I could fill in one complete row about my provider... --SoN 21:56, 22 September 2006 (GMT)
I've rearranged into country order, separate tables per country. If someone else wants to sort the ISPs within each country, go ahead. I did think about a single table with some sort of sub-heading row for each country, but that looked like it would be harder to navigate. I didn't change any of the table content, even where it leads to inconsistencies (e.g. some UK ISPs are labelled GB instead of UK).
Another thought - the country ordering is English-centric. Is it worth sorting by the name in the language of that country (i.e. Espana / Spain would be under E, not S), at least for those countries using the Roman alphabet? Or is that a bit excessive? -- Paddles 14:54, 25 April 2007 (GMT)

Suggestion for new columns[edit]

Hi, I'd like to suggest three new columns for the tables: "Limits total bandwidth when Bittorrent is running" (as per NET Virtua Brazil), "Offers plan without restrictions" (as per NET Virtua Brazil) and "Throttles utilizing an unusual scheme" (as per GVT, Brazil). --dingo 16:51, 12 July 2007 (GMT)

Getting this information[edit]

Is there a method for getting the information for this information? A source? I'd like to add some ISPs in my country, but I have no idea how/where to get information from. Reuvenk 16:02, 7 February 2008 (GMT)

This is generally gathered through tests by users and a few broadband related forums. --The8472 10:54, 8 February 2008 (GMT)

Partner's throttle for Bell[edit]

As DSL is through the phone lines, technically if Bell is throttling, so is any DSL company, i use Teksavvy, and am being throttled for sure.

Barak 013/Netvision[edit]

i believe they need to be put for yes in the bit torrent limiting. i actually just switched to 014 because of this and they do not do this.

both where proven multiple time at glasnost

Oricom in Quebec[edit]

Since a few weeks my torrents have ALL been downloading at 12 kb/s. Never higher. I think that's Bell limiting the torrents... But still, I used to have some 60s before. But as soon as 6pm hits, I dropped at 30. Now I can't even get that!

Cell colors fixed[edit]

I created 2 new templates in order to do this, and then used Notepad++'s Find&Replace. What a timesaver! See Template:Yes2 and Template:No2. 01:38, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

Adding Telus?[edit]

Does anyone know anything about Telus in Canada. I know it is a fairly large ISP so any knowledge on it would be highly appreciate!


Telus in Canada responds to complaint's by international P2P watchdog organizations, by IP tracking. They also throttle P2P considerably. I suggest using Shaw or Bell in Canada.

Dutch ISPs[edit]

An anonymous user attempted to add some Dutch ISPs a while back but with some bad formatting. All were removed except UPC. It is now unclear why only this one was left - are UPC actually bad? Are the others that were added also bad and removed in error along with the bad formatting?

Suggestion to publish limits encountered.[edit]

Qwest: Exceeding 200 gb/month ul/dl combined gets you flagged for monitoring. Tech warned they look for illegal content in addition to monitoring bandwidth.

Shaw Cable, Canada[edit]

Why is the proposed Encryption level 2+ when the chart shows they don't throttle anything?

Does not appear to throttle P2P very hard, although it appears some throttling in the form of limiting incoming/outgoing connections does happen. Does not to appear to enforce bandwidth caps yet. My recommended ISP in western Canada for reliability/customer service/speed. Don't expect any reasonable customer service from any major media outlet in Canada, including Shaw.

Updating Bad ISPs[edit]

I've added new info for those on AT&T internet. Originally, I was going to add more, but I am a very busy man. For those that Have other ISP's that changed names (i.e. Hughsnet), there have been different terms. On the other hand, Verizon provided unknown results, so I haven't been able to put anything down on it yet, except for the fact that it appears to be non-restrictive on data caps.

I also suggest adding a column of a newer type of restriction: Data Caps

Please also include Eastern Telecom Philippines[edit]

idk how to interpret this one, but glasnost mentioned that this ISP appears to limit my downloads

Include Guyana, South America[edit]

GT&T the telecommunications giant of guyana, blocks this kind of traffic completely :( i cant bittorrent anymore.

The results:[2] Detailed info is here: flow&port=6881&port2=56649&dir=0;1&flow0=221;457;769&flow1=625;667;817&flow2=831;640;806&flow3=704;825;854&flow4=40;35;7&flow5=18;26;29&flow6=20;13;19&flow7=58;40;33&details=yes [3]

Good ISPs ?[edit]

Why are "good ISPs" listed ? --Jan. 20:04, 29 October 2011 (UTC)

Good ISPs are listed so people know they are good instead of having to assume so by ommission
Then shouldn't the title be changed to reflect this? Also, isn't "Bad ISPs" too non-specific? Wouldn't something like "ISP BitTorrent Policies" be more accurate? I suggest that redefining this article to incorporate all BitTorrent policies—good and bad—would prove more useful and should minimise redundancies. WarMacre (talk) 19:46, 26 March 2013 (UTC)


TMP=~/stat.html;curl "" >$TMP 2>/dev/null; cat $TMP | perl -p -e 's/[\n\r \t]+/ /g'|perl -p -e 's/(<tr)/\n$1/g'|grep -P "(ddffdd|ffdddd)" |grep -v ffdddd |wc -l;rm $TMP;

CenturyLink in USA[edit]

I don't know if this is the right place for this, but we had CenturyLink (in MN) and they interrupted our service -- when I called them, they said it was because we'd used BitTorrent and emailed me a list of files we'd gotten illegally, that we needed to delete off our computer. They said if we did it twice more in a 6 month period, they could peruse further action. Needless to say, we're switching carriers.

Axtel is like 2 companies in Mexico[edit]

In Mexico, Axtel offers internet by wimax and optical fiber, i dont now if the first its shaping, but the other offer with optical fiber is called Axtel xtremo and it doesnt have any restriction of anything, i have axtel extremo and its amazing, so i thing we have to divide this really different services

Cableone in USA[edit]

Recently (1 July 2012) Cableone started resetting our modem so we have to reboot it to get it going again within seconds of turning on bit torrent. I switched to using VPN but that is no real solution as VPN could be turned off and gets away from the peer to peer which bypasses the mainstream media for information.

(Original contribution above by User:; reformatted by...) - FeRDNYC (talk) 10:41, 6 June 2013 (UTC)

Xplornet (wireless)[edit]

Can confirm that their wireless service throttles downloading in general during the day but only if you're using DHCP. I have a static IP with them and I get the full speed my service can handle at all times of the day. --Darkio (talk) 10:42, 11 July 2013 (UTC)