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old boilerplate text:

Have you checked the <a href=" group_id=84122">Forums</a> , the <a href="">Wiki Page</a> , the <a href="">FAQ</a> and have you checked for the other bugs before posting here?

PLEASE ADD VERSION , OS , CPU and RAM information with the bug description.
Don't Report BUGS about :

  • CPU Use
  • Memory Use
  • Speed issues

When reporting bug releated to seeding/downloading order, or torrents not starting/stopping as expected, please include:

  • "Max Simultaneous Downloads" and "Max Active Torrents" values from Configuration->Queue
  • # of downloading/seeding torrents currenty active
  • If any of the downloading torrents are below your "Don't count torrent as using a download slot if" setting
  • # of seeding torrents marked as "1st Priority" (in the Seeding Rank column)
  • Auto Starting mode (Configuration->Queue->Seeding->Auto-Starting)