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I get an error message that says the anti-virus failed. How do I fix the download?

also got the same message. How do you fix this?Bold text

vuze anti virus[edit]

After downloading a couple of movies not once but at least 3 times the anti;virus scan failed,thus I was unable to watch these movies. I bought the vuse plus about 2 weeks back and this seems to have caused this problem. I had to have Toshiba put my computer back to factory settings, therefore lost VUZE which I purchased for a 3 yr plan. Music was not a problem but movies were. Now I am inquiring how to I get Vuze back on my laptop and be able to download it since I already purchased it a couple weeks ago. Thank you for your time at this very busy time of year. But I lost all my sicmu : (

antivirus updates[edit]

It has been several months now that the antivirus is failing to update and I did get all Vuze updates including the one today, but the antivirus is not updating....What can I do to fix this???-- 15:20, 2 September 2010 (UTC)Jaime

Anti - Virus

System says unable to scan file, How do i fix?

anti virus[edit]

It says at the bottom of my Vuse Plus > Anti Virus database update failed.

how do i fix the problem?


My antivirus has been inactive for a week now whats going on??? I need it fixed

Vuze Anti Virus Failed[edit]

I recently had to re-install Vuze and the error message Vuse anti virus scan failed. What can I do about that? Do you have any answers?