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when i try and burn a dvd it says dvd drive not foung.... what does this mean?

Burn Error[edit]

It means that vuze is not a reliable web site it will atoumataclly close on you at any moment. i purchased vuze plus and only used it one time before the website closed and i am using a laptop...HP dv9000 running Windows XP I have been burning dvds without problem for nearly a year. today, when trying to burn a dvd I received an error message saying "Burn Error...Mediun Error....deferral error.....write error. I have tried running config again and restarting both Vuze and my computer. I'm getting this error on more than one file so I do not believe the problem is with the torrent. Any assistance that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I cant believe that I paid for two a two year subscription to vues in Sept 2011 and now in Dec 2011 it just stopped working. I keep getting a Trans code Failed, and there seems to be no way to fix the problem. They don't have any difficulty taking your money but when you have a problem with their service the customer service is a big JOKE and NONEXISTENT.

Only 1/2 of movies are burning to DVDs[edit]

The past 6 DVDs I have burned have only recorded 1/2 the movie. The complete movies are on my hard drive and the conversion reflects more than enough space on the DVD; however, when completed only 1/2 the movie is recorded, please help if you know how I can prevent this.

I downloaded a movie onto my computer using vuze, played it and it was perfect. however when i burned the download onto a DVD+R disk and played it in my xbox or dvd player, it seems to jump a little every second, why??


I have the Vuze Plus, but I can't add subtitles when burning DVDs. How can I only convert the movies format using Vuze Plus? Example: I want to have the MKV format converted to AVI format and then I can burn the DVD using another software, like Nero, because Nero accepts the subtitle file with the movie file. And I strongly suggest you to upgrade your burning feature, because I saw, in the forum, that lots of subscribers have the same trouble. My e-mail if you have any answer: Thanks