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Please, for the love of god, add a section for "how to uninstall vuze remote"!

For me, using chrome and windows 7, the installer doesn't let me uninstall it, when I remove it from chrome extensions it Reinstalls itself and removing it from program files doesn't do anything either even after restarting!

Seriously, this is the easiest way to piss of your users, by forcing something on them that they can't get rid of!

second person - i am with above , please i want this gone, i have uninstalled the remote , deleted it and it will not go away, its crap. i want it gone off my computer asap. please leave us a message on how to get ride of this asap.

Please, can someone tell us how to get rid of the Vuze remote toolbar??? i tried what the others tried too, i just want it gone!!!!

3rd person - Have you tried Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel? You can also get a MS Windows Complete Cleanup to force the app to uninstall more completely. You ccan also edit the Registry if you know how.

Go to tools->extensions and end the toolbar process. worked for me